Michael Ryan

mike-ryan-oncore-unlimitedMike’s background is in treasury and risk management. Mike has an MBA (finance major) from Boston University, USA. His undergraduate Bachelor degree, obtained at University of Auckland, was in science, chemistry and biochemistry.

Mike’s career focussed on corporate treasury – maximising cash flow and protecting against financial risks. This led to Business Optimisation and Improvement work internationally, where corporate needed direction and oversight in effecting Business Improvement opportunities. Through this exposure Mike has developed the Oncore processes of analysis, implementation, and reporting of company critical KPIs.

Mike has worked for companies in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA, ranging from large multinational manufacturers to start up retailers. Most recently, Mike took a contract to effect large scale business improvement projects for Tab Corp in Australia, prior to their demerger. This was a very successful project, with over A$13m of benefits attributed in the first year alone.

He has held a number of senior positions, including General Manager Treasury for Heinz Watties Australasia, GM Procurement at Heinz Watties Ltd, Chief Operating Officer at Foundation Capital Markets Ltd, Manager Funding at Air New Zealand, and Manager Money Markets at NZ Dairy Board.

Mike has also led a number of global task forces to optimise working capital for USA based multinational companies.