What We Do

We use proven and robust methods to help business owners like you to make dramatic and sustainable change to the performance of your business.  The result for you is more time to do what you really want to do, and more money to achieve your goals.  For our clients, the personal gains are just as strong as the financial benefits.

Do you need help?

While our clients have different requirements with unique circumstances, there are some common issues that they initially share.  These include:

  1. You may be an owner wishing to sell their business. We are not brokers and so are not motivated for a quick sale.  Instead, we act for the owner to take the time to get business in optimal form for sale – and therefore maximise the value for buyer and seller.
  2. You may be an owner or manager  who realises that your business is underperforming and you may want to make changes to the culture and other areas.  You may notice that information is not flowing properly or perhaps you can see accountability gaps.  You will be wanting to know how high performing organisations are managing their reporting functions.
  3. You may be an owner or manager who senses that you need to take action to avoid difficulties with banks/financiers/stakeholders.

What needs attention right now?

Here are just some of the areas that we can assist you with, that can make a significant difference to your overall business performance:

  • Improve cash flow management
  • Reduce debt
  • Reinvigorate the business
  • Improve company culture
  • Prepare the company to sell
  • Maximise the sale price

Our Process

Step 1:

Free Initial discussion on the issues, to determine a fit between us and to explore what can be done.

Step 2:

Oncore will present an initial proposal to address any concerns. We do not charge for this.

Step 3:

Research by Oncore. This involves basic diagnostic work and proposal. This work normally involves a 2-3 hour session to analyse findings and agree the outline of a strategy and scope. There is a small fee for this step.

Step 4:

A full proposal is provided with deliverable milestones, performance expectations, fully defined scope, costs and fees.

Note: Our fees can be structured to the sharing of benefits that directly result from our work. We would agree this upfront.