Improving Business Performance

At Oncore, we reinvigorate your business.

If people turn up to work to do what they did yesterday, attitudes and company culture soon suffer. Eventually performance suffers and the company falls behind in customer service. Innovation and improvement lag behind.

Unlimited means having a good competitive position and strategy, but ultimately rests with a company being able to continually meet challenges and overcome obstacles. This relies on people having the incentive, capability, and clarity (or focus) to achieve milestones and KPI targets on the way to achieving strategic goals.

Incentive means reward for achievement – not tenure or status. A well designed scheme is required.

Capability means training and experience, but also authority and empowerment. Often key person issues mean there is insufficient capability should that person leave. This often means Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) need reviewing and training provided. The need for action on this part becomes apparent in our KPI/ Organisational Analysis process.

Clarity means the objectives must be clear at all levels in the company. The strategic plan and its goals, as well as the immediate day to day KPI’s assigned to each person in the company should become instilled and “lived”.

If these elements can be emplaced then the culture of the business becomes one of continuous improvement, making the business unlimited.

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