Jim Fairbrother, Fairbrother Industries Limited

Fairbrother Industries limited (FBI) asked Mike Ryan from Oncore Limited to manage the implementation of a strategic marketing plan in September 2013. The plan was comprehensive, covering advertisements, website improvements, competitions, and presence at agricultural shows.

Oncore did much more than just the marketing plan. A number of critical issues were identified that were holding up FBI, and they needed to be resolved before the business could move forward. This included a change of General Manager, leading to Mike Ryan being appointed as General Manager in December 2013.

Oncore, through Mike Ryan, put in place a number of business processes that rapidly changed the business performance. New products were planned and released, co-incident with the marketing plan implementation, significantly enhancing sales levels and cash-flow.

A number of staff changes were implemented meaning that the way FBI had been operating for some years was able to change for the better. New staff were taken on to support operational and administration areas, increasing the capacity of FBI to take back market share from competitors.

The sales levels are now the best that FBI has had in eight years. The company is operating well and I am now confident that we are able to progress the company from this point. We are grateful to Oncore for helping us through this transition, and have asked for a monthly strategic review with Oncore going forward.

Fairbrother is an iconic name in agricultural equipment, post drivers in particular.